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Most business owners are unhappy because they don’t have a good grip on numbers – or their finances, to be more specific. There could be many reasons for this: a lack of time, experience and knowledge or simply not having the time and freedom to oversee the financial aspect.

With so many business (and familial) responsibilities at any given time, hiring a dedicated on-site Finance Director may not be the most cost-effective solution. The fact of the matter is when startups and small businesses expand and grow to a certain size, they need to have a dedicated Finance Director – an expert who is absolutely crucial to the business’s financial sustainability, security and future.

Smart businesses are quick to realise that a virtual finance director or VFD can be a very cost-effective and practical solution. The word ‘virtual’ here should not act as a deterrent because behind the remote or virtual finance director is a real person with years and decades of experience handling finances for businesses .

Find a "VFD near me" – How it can help you get a handle on finances


When you hire a virtual finance director, the business benefits and value proposition clearly speak for themselves:

  • Synchronisation of financial data with your current business objectives ensure that you always have the necessary information at your fingertips to make fruitful business decisions.
  • The provision of ‘live’ financial management information means you can gain the required insight in a timely and prompt manner.
  • Strategic financial input around the clock allows you to better scale and grow your business.
  • No need to hold people accountable in your finance department or follow-up with them individually as your VFD will hold them to account.
  • An efficiently run finance system bespoke to your business where the latest accounting and finance technology saves you plenty of time and money.
  • Professional assistance in obtaining finance to further invest in and grow the business.
  • A virtual finance director also helps you take calculated risks which prove to be sustainable and profitable, both in the short and long run.
  • Overall financial risk management on a 24/7 basis to ensure that any risks or financial threats don’t catch you off guard.
  • "What-if" analysis and accurate financial projections aid in sound decision making.
  • Forecasting set up and monitoring of cashflow throughout the business year.
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard to track all financial and non-financial KPIs.


Hire a Virtual Finance Director to match your needs

Do you require a growth-oriented virtual finance director to build and scale your business? Perhaps a reliance VFD to streamline systems and provide regular management reporting?

No matter what your financial goals, hire a VFD with BDE and gain complete peace of mind as well as financial security.

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