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Accounting For Freelancers

You may feel that keeping accounts would be a waste of time for your freelance job.
Let us prove that you are wrong!

Starting your own business can be scary.

You do not need a degree in accounting to run your own business. However, having some basic accounting knowledge can help you manage your finances, maintain tax compliance and even communicate with your bookkeeper or accountant.

Getting Started with a system.

If you have assets you would want to keep accounting records. Therefore, avail accounting software products with BDE Accountants. For instance, you can use Excel or Google Sheets, or any other accounting software products that are available. Most of them are free.

Stay Organized to Reduce Surprises.

Be at the top of your bookkeeping job. You do not have to shuffle around for receipts at the end of the month. Kill the stress about the tax on the bill that is due next week when you use these systems to put your financial plans into order.

Save Your Receipts even if you have an accounting platform that tracks all of your income and expenses.

Steps every Freelance Accountant Should Take

Keep Your Accounts Separate

If you are a new business owner, go for opening a separate business bank account. This will make it so much easier to track your income and business expenses. Open up a new account and save yourself from extra hassles. For instance, big banks like Capital One offer savings and credit card options. BDE Accountants can assist with all sorts.

Sign Up For An Accounting Software

Accounting platforms are abundant out there these days that are reasonably priced and easy to use. For instance, Wave is free, while platforms like Fresh Books and Quicken Self-Employed will charge you a small monthly fee. Subscribing to one of these platforms will help you to see your business income and expenses data stored in one place. You can even link it to your bank account and/or credit card so that it updates automatically. BDE Accountants will save you time.

Staying Organized and Reduce Surprises.

You must stay at the top of your bookkeeping job. It is an ongoing job. Do not shuffle around the receipts or stress about the tax bill that is due. Use BDE Accountants & systems to reduce any surprises.

Save Your Receipts

Whenever you need to save your receipts, an experienced team of BDE Accountants will assist you. Even if you have an accounting platform that tracks all of your financial expenses, you must save your receipts. Receipts will come in handy when you file for your taxes. You can double-check and verify the expense. This will allow you to plan and budget your future expenses accordingly.

Saving your receipts is also important in case you get audited. Keep photos and scans of your receipts that the IRS auditors may find valid. Many accounting platforms come with a tool that allows you to take a picture and directly attach it to the email. If you do not have bookkeeping software, many freelancers create an email exclusively for receipts. You can send or forward and receive all the digital and photocopies of your receipts. They are at a click away whenever you need them.

Set Aside Your Tax Money As You Go

This feature is very important! As a self-employed person, you do not have a payroll department that takes out the paycheck for you. It is advisable to set 30% of your income aside as soon as you get your paycheck. Set up a separate taxes savings account. Keep this separately so you do not spend it on anything else.

You have to also pay estimated quarterly taxes as a freelancer. Therefore, you must have money at hand. There are companies out there that will provide you with this service. They will automatically set aside your tax money whenever you get paid.

Whenever you require tax advice, BDE Accountants are here to assist you

Our experienced accountants will assist you. Our accountancy packages offer unlimited email or telephone support and expert advice, as well as preparation for HMRC and Companies House. In addition, members of BDE accountants can purchase one-off sessions and have access to comprehensive support guides to help them with their business needs.

Find the Freelancing accounting software to build a financially viable freelance business—one that survives for a long time. Hire a Tax Expert as your tax situation gets more complicated. Get a tax expert to file your taxes for you.

Yes, this will cost you money, but in the long run, it will save you money. An expert will guide you with the necessary things to include when preparing your tax returns. They can get you as many write-offs as possible. Additionally, you can write off the cost of filing your taxes, as it would be counted as a business expense.

Accounting is Part of Responsible Business

Therefore staying on top of your business finances might not be the most fun part of being your boss. However, getting organized with the help of freelance accounting experts can help you save a lot of money as well as stress on the arduous business journey. Keep track of all your data and records in an easy-to-follow spreadsheet or use software and experts to make charts of your financial expenditure. Make sure you know where you stand. It may even make your business more profitable on a larger scale!

Save for Emergencies

Get an emergency fund for your business as soon as possible! Firstly, make a clear calculation of what your overhead costs are. Secondly, make sure you have a few months' worths of those costs saved up at all times. The income of freelancing jobs is unpredictable. Therefore, it is better you save so that you do not find yourself falling short on cash.

Set up an emergency fund to make sure that you can always pay your business bills, even if you are going through a lean month.

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